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Saturday, February 16, 2019

February 16, 2019

A Dying Jawan With A Living Dream

 ''A Dying Jawan With A Living Dream''

I know this to be the very end,
End of a life that has never learnt to bend!
Dreamt so many dreams you also cherish,
Threw my life into it,not to have any blemish.
I do not want you to cry after I leave my last breath,
I fear it may cool down your burning wrath!

You talk about a utopian world of utmost equanimity!
Same I had before they killed me with barbarous brutality.
Still we can't come out of the cocoon of self identity,
where everyone will be living by embracing fraternity!
Till then it's better be an act of ruthless aggression.
just to keep us alive as a nation!

My hovering dreams would be out in the border,
to protect yours not a subject to smother!
They say we born to die for our nation.
Feels proud even after the bullets offer its sensation!
I die with no remorse saving you from the external,
Living the dream of you being undivided in internal!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

October 17, 2018


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They say you are an image of the self,
But why do you hold so much difference from the real?
A hypocrite you are, helping those to bear the camouflage,
They become what they are not, hiding themselves under the carpet!

Yet greatful I am, just to the magician that you are,
You brought out the best of smiles that were undercover.
They smile like never before imagining a world through few megapixels,
An urge for applauds besides a liking to themselves.
No complaints, as it is the best that could have ever happened,
self takes a turn being conscious if its own and no one to depend.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

October 10, 2018

youth and truth- Unplug with Sadhguru

Youth and Truth is probably the most burning activity going around the world. It is a kind of rejuvenation for the lively young generation. Our youths got questions of numerous types which remained unanswered till now. But Sadhguru who is an emblem of the TRUTH opened up a new corridor of enlightenment. He is a person with stoned eyes stunned the world by his sheer intelligence in every sphere of life. No appreciation is good enough to describe him other than bowing down in front of him.Coming to the point,our youth power needs to be redirected right now. The enthusiasm they got should manifest itself fully. In the modern day and age they waste the most significant part of their life in frolicking activities which result in frustration. The collapse of heaven arranged by previous few religious generations leads the youth in a state of bewilderment. No heaven or hell means no fear of consequence to a certain extent. When there is no sense of morality or fear of outcome the human mind by its own instinct chooses the evil means to satisfy its own need. That is why the youth should actively participate in this ongoing firework to have the clarity about their own life.

                                                                             When you have 360 degree view of your own life it would find its fullest expression avoiding any constipation. If you have a blurred vision and no perception then automatically accidents take place. So to have the lucidity and make the world a beautiful place to live we must expand our intelligence towards the ultimate truth of the existence.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

September 15, 2018

Is it you or your Ego?

'Ego',this is probably the most discussed word in terms of finding the reason behind disturbance in life. Everyone says to let it go but neither they themselves nor we ourselves could do it.

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What you call 'ego' is nothing but your exaggerated self. In your childhood days you kept yourself busy and happy even with a little stick or things of that sort which appear to be unimportant.You did not have any issue whatsoever other than timely nutritional food which is adequate in terms of its availability in the modern day and age. But there is hardly anything that could make you smile fully. Yes, there are certain cases when you are able to belittle others,you tend to smile wholeheartedly. So, what causes this metamorphosis from childhood to maturity! You as a life remain the same, just your physical texture develops in tune with nature but your mind seems to be adulterated in every possible way where you barely can claim yourself as an happy being. As for instance of our cluttered mind, we see sometimes we keep on arguing with others in spite of being aware of ourselves being wrong, only to protect the established social image which we claim to be the life energy from social perspective. We have great problem to admit our ignorance or wrongdoing which may afflict our social identity in public.This is why we go on nurturing our 'ego' by cluttering the sanctity of our true self.

                                                                           When someone asks you ''who you are?''; you answer them on the basis of your respectable profession or the status you hold in the society avoiding your existential reality .i.e. an human being full of possibility.I am not saying this is wrong because the person asked you the question expects the same answer you give. But if you entangle yourself with your social identity, you will try to protect it no matter what happens around you. 'Identity' or 'ego' is something which can not exist without your assistance. The more you try to identify yourself with something the worst it get for you to live just as a life. So,it is better that you look at those aspects of life which you feel so much engrossed about. You are in some profession,community or religion whatever , you do those things only to keep your survival process on or to make it better for yourself and others.This is it. If you look at it with probing eyes you see that whatever you contribute in those limited span of 30-40 years is minuscule or near to no importance to this vast existence.You definitely made someone else's life smoother to walk on but it does not mean that you will be intertwined with this social identity. your social impression should not overwhelm your real self.

                                                                  Suppose you are nothing, you do not have any relation to make connection with or any community to be identified with; you are just a life.Then you will find yourself happier than ever. This is what happens with the rest of the creatures who do not have any consciousness at all. They become satisfied when there physical appetite gets fulfilled. The problem with human being is that they have an active consciousness which do not like any limitation. Only feeding thyself will not be soothing for it. When you find stomach empty you have only one problem and stomach full, you have hundred problems.However in pursuit of boundlessness human consciousness trapped itself in the social enigma.  

                                                                  So, you better understand it with utmost clarity. When you hold some respectable position in the society and treat your social inferiors as inferior lives, you take the trouble of entangling yourself in the social drama. This entanglement constipates your expression of life. It suffocates you to death. The child that it used to be in the earlier days of your existence behaves like a brute just to protect the social identity.

                                                         You are here for a limited period of time. So, the awareness of mortality should bring tears in your eyes and make you inclusive where you take every single life as a part of yourself because you don not know where it originates from and where it ends! It is expected to utilize this limited span to you full potential. It is good that you become part of every happening, forget your social identity,enjoy the immensity and boundless possibility of being human and above all ensure the demise of self centered egoistic perspective of life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

September 12, 2018

Dear Expectation!

Everything dies but she survives,
Gives you temptation to live many lives.
Drenched its venom in the time you can't remember,
Adulterates every drop of nectar,you eat to live your sphere.
You bleed and cry because of none but her,
Inevitable it is that you are a prey to suffer.

But only she is not a subject to condemnation,
You yourself wished for your eternal damnation.
It is not that she caused you only pain,
Offered everything you have is not a matter to disdain.
It is your greed that made her malign,
Your goodness can redirect her to the divine.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

September 09, 2018

Death: The Most Awaiting Lover

Inevitable you are,in thy very nature,
Given respite from,when life becomes a torture!
You begin to live from the moment I landed up,
And wait for me till the last sip of my stirrup cup.
So many times I cried and prayed you to arrive,
The perfectionist you are,allowed me to survive.
But not for ever,only few more years,
Embracing you,I smile at the life,leaving behind my dears!

Still I bow down to your endless patience,
You wait for my love exemplifying your endurance!
Those beings claim to be the supreme of creation,
Can't wait even for a day and succumb to their sensual passion.
I will be dying to meet you on numerous occasion,
Only to fall in love embracing life's coronation.

Friday, September 7, 2018

September 07, 2018

Fear of suffering: A reason why you are still living a life of a mediocre

This is quite true that we love to stay inside the boundaries of our comfort zone as much as we can and we gradually become skeptical and fearful about the possibilities beyond. This is what makes the difference of standard of living, we see in the mundane world. Yes, there are lives which suffer enormously from the day they land up in this freaking world. But those who in spite of having all the facilities in the world do not come up with an exploratory mind, chooses to live a life of leisure. This is where the inevitable question regarding ‘purpose of life’ comes. Truly there is no idealistic way of living till now. You must do what is to be needed in the given situation. I know there are many people who have the necessary urge to do what is necessary for the world they live in but in most of the cases either they become frightened of the consequences or the circumstances go adverse. If you make an attempt and work towards it with full attention and involvement then there is less chance of you being a failure. As for instance if you see Hitlar was successful for no virtuous reason but he had the zeal and participated actively to fructify whatever intention he had.
                                                                                                                ‘The fear of death is more fearful than the death itself’-this is what mostly happens with us. We fall dead so many times because of our psychological complexities before we finally get to it. We must overcome this fanciful enigmatic drama we create by ourselves. I know all of you had a turning point in your life where if you had done the reverse of what you actually did, things could have been phenomenal for you but you did not have the necessary gut to take the risk. You succumbed to the fear of suffering and chose the limited and constipated possibility of life to make sure the minimal requirement of living a life. The greats of past and present did the reverse to reach that height where sky is the only limit. You can think of those people who invested their entire life to become free from the slavery of others. You may call them patriotic but it is just a word to describe their passion. If you dig deep down and compare yourself with them tears will dribble down from your eyes and probably and hopefully you will rise up to direct yourself towards larger possibility of life.
                                                                                                                I know these are easy to say but difficult to do. But you see that the world is economically in a better state than ever before. Still there are some places where food is a matter of concern but majority of the areas are well developed and growing gradually to address every problem they have. Now it is the responsibility of every human being on this planet to break the barrier of comforts and strive towards larger vision surpassing the tiny little personal ambition. It is true that whenever the word ‘achievement’ comes into discussion, the ever-contradictory ‘self’ comes first. This is undeniable that ‘self’ is the most important than anything else. But if you consider your achievement in terms of providing a better life to the rest as a success then you should not hold yourself back. Someday if you see that because of your contribution people are living a happy and a healthy life, you will certainly cry out of utmost joy. This would not be the same even if you accumulate enormous wealth and turn money to be an uncountable object.
                                                                                                                Even if you try to fulfill your individual goal, you must not restrain yourself to the limited possible happenings. Initially everything may seem going against but if you are determined with absolute clarity of what you are pursuing at then it will not take too much time to alter the situation in your favour. Just beware of mortality and explore every possibility.