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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Addiction: A story of a Lost Life.

                      Addiction: A  story of a Lost Life

A life which seems to be carried forward with his past life obligation is to suffer the immense brutality of a mortified society. Being a son of a poor farmer who is an alcoholic, he did not have any earthly possession to get enchanted. On the contrary he got a mother who is probably to suffer a million lifetimes' karma. She would probably be one of the most resilient women the earth has ever produced. Addiction brings disaster .In spite of having two non-profligate children and a wife the father could not restrain himself from walking on the path of destruction in the form of alcoholic addiction. Everything he had, but sustainable was nothing. Out of sheer frustration, he begins to torture his wife and children. In a certain night when the clock was about to visit the position, where it starts from, a thunderstorm outstretched its nefarious arm to assault the goddess-like spouse and throws out little kid's books outside the window for no reason other than the inebriating effect on him. This was the most horrific night where the little kid saw his brutal father was beating his compassionate and kind-hearted mother by grasping her hair which delineates the medieval brutality where the masters abused their slaves immensely.

                                                                In the next morning everything became fit and fine when the hangover of the father was over. In spite of having all these imperfections he had some noble qualities .He used to be a generous figure among the people who associated him. The father had a strong inclination to see his son well established in the society even though he had utmost poverty. Therefore at a very early age the son was sent to a hostel for his educational betterment. The fact that he had a poor father & didn't have any significant earthly possession, was imprinted in his head. This led his downfall and in that way he entered into the dark corridor of depression. Although he was quite conscientious and talent, he was unable to perform well enough in the latter half of his academic career. He was unable to come out of the trauma he had in his childhood.

                                                                 Because of hormonal hijack he too fallen in love but could not succeed. She promised him to stay by his side throughout but it was one of those promises which were made to be broken. But this guy did not claim his love. He gave her the luxury to leave him at any point of his life with just an immediate notice and she did the same. He was very unlikely to befit the modern day & age. He thought on number of occasions to rejuvenate & tried his level best with all the complexities he had but he could not. His weakness became stronger than his strength.
Social dignity, identification all seemed to be total garbage to him. He wanted to draw himself in the world of oblivion. When he looked back nothing seemed to work the way he wanted. Then he decided to put an end on this endless suffering. He perished with ease to find a new beginning.

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