Journey of life to the Divine


Tuesday, August 21, 2018



You can call it bizzare but it is definitely no philosophy.If you see life beyond this survival process there will be a lot of questions arousing in your mind related to your self.At some point of time when things went wrong and against you,question like 'who am I' ,'what is the purpose of my birth' might have come up to your mind.But you can't deny the validity of these questions ever because you are like an onion who is encompassed with so many social drama & to manage those aspects, your life ends before having a glimpse of that inner self.As an amateur your idea of life is the composition of neurons,kidney,liver lungs etc.But it seems there is something more than that.

                                                                                   Today in the scientific process we know that if any organ of someone's body is cut it still survives. So 'life' or 'soul' does not emerge from organs.As long as an human body stays is a suitable condition,life happens or breathing process goes on.All of us heard the word 'soul' who exists within ourselves.If it is the case then how does a soul in one life differ from another?Why does a soul want to suffer by living in a beggar's body other than enjoying in a millionaire's?So,is there anyone else who makes it happen?But where is he/she?One who performs such a complex job must have an existence.In which  basis it is done?We can say past life karma but this is not at all in our experience.So,obviously life is much more than what we think it is..

                                                                                    We experience society,nation,caste as implemented in our life.We take birth then study well,get a job then get married,have a child,bringing it up & then die.Is it the reason why we are here? Suppose there is a man living in a jungle by himself after he takes birth,his life would be a little different from us.So the quality of your life depends upon your placement.There may well be no definite activity to perform as well.Our achievement in social life depends on your effort & luck.Now,what is 'luck'or' fortune'?Situation in life one faces is completely different from the rest.For some people it is lubricated & for some it's troublesome.Why is to so?It should be equal to everyone.No one can impose anything on you without proper reason.So your own doing may be the reason behind it.This is why they say to perform good deeds that you don't wonder in future with the situation you face.

                                                                             So, past life,present life all these ideas are consequence of a continuing process which just goes on.Our lack of memorising ability leaves us in a pondering state of mind where we can't configure our own identity  withut social imposition.This questions regarding our existence will haunt us till we don't dive into other realm to know the solitary self. Many people & Yogis have told us about this but until we don't experience it by ourselves it is not satisfactory & will never be.

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