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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Education;Why is it necessary?

Education;Why is it necessary?


This is the one aspect which we made mandatory for everyone living on this planet. Thousand years ago education was about handling bow and arrow and now it is utilization of scientific application. Needless to say that we are a lot more civilized and organized than ever before. Education itself has meaning of wide ranges. This is an ever progressing idea where context of the society you live in determines its definition. There is probably unlimited potential and possibilities within an human being. The tool by which we can manifest the inner capabilities is called 'Education'.

                                                                     But today this idea if education got an constipated form. In the modern day and age most of us use education as a medium to earn our livelihood.  The limited individual ambition manipulated the educational process to a large extent. We just go on suppressing the boundless prospects by limiting our vision which culminates into immortal dissatisfaction. It is very obvious from the fact that we can never be fully contented no matter whatever we achieve in our life because there is something within us that do not like any barrier at all. Expansion till the limitless is our primitive nature. In some cases people restrict the possibility of boundlessness just for sustaining themselves which is quite reasonable. The world is still not in a shape where food for living is available to everyone. Unless and until the survival process is not a matter of concern anymore, the act of exploration for the limitless will not be a real-life experience to everyone. Still there are some remote areas where little kids are forced to do menial jobs just for having a meal. The discrepancy in economy can never bring an equilibrium state of living which is very important to obtain the ultimate possibility of human being in the educational process.

                                                                      Knowing things to its core is what education is all about. We have two equipments in the name of intellect and intelligence to comprehend something. Intellect being sharp in nature is used to fragment objects to understand. On the other hand intelligence works on the principle of perception. Intelligence is that dimension of human propensity which is used to know something without dissecting it. Intelligence and intellect should be implemented in proper way to understand something fully. The modern education is mainly intellect based which sometimes causes disaster. The amalgamation of these two aspects should be introduced in educational process which will fructify like never before.
                                                                   Learning something should be a delightful phenomenon for the learners otherwise the fundamental purpose of education will be banished. It has been a major concern that after becoming successful in their stream the affluent students seem to have lost their life energy in the process. Having a miserable expression with success in the back does not hold any significance at all. Experiential learning is given importance now a days and it is quite productive. Exposure to the real life scenario will teach you a lot than reading a whole lot of books. Our idea of education should not limit ourselves only to the contemporary society or circumstances. The range of at least one dimension of education should be relevant to everything physical happenings in this existence irrespective of time.

                                                                      Education should not be goal oriented. If you fix a goal there is always a chance of you missing your potential's fulfillment because you set up your ambition on the basis of social dignity not your capability. In this process one should move forward with an exploratory mind to dig deep which make one interesting. If someday this happens where survival process will be taken care of effortlessly, then exploratory mind might begin its voyage to unveil every single mystery latent in this mystical reality. The existence is too beautiful to be left unexplored.


  1. The term education is derived from the Latin word ‘educate’ which means to ‘educate’, to ‘bring up’ or to ‘draw out’ the latent powers of child. This is very truly said that "Education should not be goal oriented. If you fix a goal there is always a chance of you missing your potential's fulfillment because you set up your ambition on the basis of social dignity not your capability."

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