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Tuesday, August 28, 2018


                                               INSIGHT TO SUICIDE

Most of us have had faced the situation of utter stagnation in any point of our life where there seemed to be no way out. Then suddenly a crawling thought came to our mind to put an end in this vexing ongoing drama of life .Yes, truly it is the most qualified escaping formula without having longtime trouble only when you successfully commit it. But to what extent it is justified! Famous personalities have told you that "it is our duty to live as long as we can". So, there must be something to consider.  First of all let us understand what makes us commit so? In a single word It is just because of social identification. A beggar who does not have any social identity never commit suicide rather dies out of starvation. In spite of not having a meal per day he/she tries to survive. So our social identification and ego are the culprits behind it. Only when the familiar surroundings become unbearable we embrace the dark corridor of uncertainty .i.e death. There is another aspect to be considered .Maturity by age or experience counts here a lot. If you have spent a lot of time here you will understand how life can treat you. It can be worst at times but it is your patience, tolerance and resilience that prevent you from concluding the process. It is our own nervous system that is also tested in every situation we face in our life.

                                                          But people of age group 10-20 seem to get trapped in difficult situation because their lack of perspective. They seem to be stuck in a situation which they are not able to tackle. It is a fact that when we face adversities in our life, looking beyond becomes very challenging. The ongoing troublesome circumstance seems to be the perpetual stumbling block for us. People who have insight into life and know the transience of happenings, overcome everything whatever they confront. Your life is great if you are successful but it is a grave if you have never failed. Life is beautiful just because there is variety. You being failure time and again are just an added flavor to thy life. We commit suicide just because we get disappointment in certain aspects forgetting the beauty that life offered to us some times ago & by doing so we try to escape. The diversity of events should enchant us neglecting the negativity it carries.

                                                        Our expectation of life became idealistic where everything should run smoothly without any obstacle, gets whipped over and over again. Idealism is not a genuine idea. I dare say that ‘idealism’ does not exist at all.
If today something works for you in a given situation, tomorrow morning all of a sudden that may not work. If you label it to be idealistic today, it may cause you a lot of suffering tomorrow. So a conscious approach is needed. Above all you should have the clarity of accepting life the way it is. The situations you face in your life are definitely not in your control but how you respond to those is an explicit responsibility of yourself.  As elders we must be responsible enough not to create any situation where our future generation may suffocate which can lead to their self destruction.
We must provide them an enjoyable and living atmosphere where they will be able to keep their hope alive no matter how difficult a situation becomes. If we ourselves exist in tune with the existence no more self generated mishaps will take place.
Suicide stands against Hope. If you can't see hope you tend to visit the other one. So keep your hope alive, who knows! Some day   so called 'fortune' might end up enlightening your sphere of life.


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