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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Like Flower

                                                    LIKE FLOWER

                                   Amazing you are,the way you look like,
                                      My eyes deny to sleep even for a blink.
                                 Mesmerizing is thy figure,coy in nature,
                           I fear even a slight touch may disturb your posture.
                                 Immortal you are,genesis of the nectar,
                          You offered life to so many,listened to every prayer.
                                       Purity you are,purified every sense,
                            You inhale every smells,exhaling your fragrance.

                                   Destiny it is,you belong to those feet,
                             I listen to those silent tears,you being forfeit.
                              Many verses praise your glory over the years,
                       Happiness arises for a moment but fall back into tears.
                                   Raise your voice against utter molestation,
                              A life you are,an emblem of others' inclination.

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