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Thursday, August 23, 2018



   A youth who is yet to get the relishing of that heavenly pleasure namely marriage loiters by keeping his/her heart wide open but someone who is already married seems to regret the obsession he/she shown earlier in life for marriage. Marriage, as we all know is a union between two. By this process one tries to include the other as a part of himself/herself. Our intrinsic nature is such that we all want to have variety in our life to that extent where we won't mind to change the complexion of our body frequently by applying plastic surgery or some other means. So, how could we maintain the same magnetism to someone else throughout our life! We have the fascination to see everything redesigned. This is where marriage which once seemed to be the forbidden fruit, in hindsight gradually turns out to be a mirage.

                                                                 But marriage is not something to be condemned. It is the ultimate unification where both participants play a role of the creator. There are various other aspects which are related to it. Yes, it is a responsibility which most of us don't like at all to be continued throughout. We can bear the burden of occasional responsibility by displaying sheer heroism. But the concerned matter is a bit different. It is even a challenge for those who are not captivated by the glimpse of his spouse's countenance day in & day out. On the contrary, having the marital bliss if someone is bewitched by body & soul, that life is worth cherishing.

                                                                    Let’s see why we people tend to get married? I guess society, to have the physical accessory or leaving the footprint behind to be the reason! It's true that we get married out of compulsion, I meant to say without having any thought about it. The possibility of a compulsive act's fructification is indefinite. This is why people tend to shun the substantiality of marriage. If a person involves in such companionship, he must have the clarity about the consequences because this is not a frolicking activity.

                                                                    If you are conscious about every individual being unique in its own way, then major conflict will not take place. The problem is I want the opposite to be the same way as I am which is next to impossible. Diversity is the excellence of this existence. It is undeniable. So, it is better that we learn to accept everything just the way they are. Everything involves certain amount of emotion which is the origin of contradiction. The aspiration of human being to happen everything the way they like acts as a root cause of every friction. It is not always about adjustment because adaptation without having exhilarating intention does not turn out to be productive. The foremost necessity is to have a clear cut view of life itself. If someone is conscious about mortality then he will not invest any time at all to win a quarrel over other instead he will embrace the opposite regardless of any kind that she is. The charisma will be such where a second’s separation in a relation makes them feel like millenniums.

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