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Tuesday, August 21, 2018



  ‘’Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man’’-Swami Vivekananda

All of us come across this immortal statement every now and then but how many of us have really understood to its core? What did he mean to say by the word ‘perfection’? If we see it, apparently we can’t look at anything that seems to be perfect! Is there any perfection at all inside a human body? I know all these questions sound nonsensical. If you see that the fundamental happenings in this world happen automatically likewise you eat something & this is it, you don’t even make any conscious effort to digest it. But it happens. We don’t force the Earth to move around the Sun but it revolves by itself. So, what is the stimulus that makes it possible? We call it Gravity. But this is just a term used by scientists to explain certain things. But what is the source of this Gravity! They call it to be a Natural phenomenon. Its’ true that we can name or explain all the physical happenings in the world by scientific & logistic approach but we can’t interpret  the origin of everything that is already there I meant to say those working agents who have been there before we came to existence. We assume a lot to define everything because we can’t tolerate the pain of ignorance anymore.
                                                                             So, there is some perfection throughout the existence that encourages the universe to work in such a cohesive manner. So, education should be such where this perfection would be manifested where you will know everything about this existence. We are compelled to term the happenings related to birth to be accidental because we don’t have the capacity to decipher the reality of our existence. Education should be lucrative to that extent where the demonstration of existential truth will be natural to us. If it happens someday it will be the best possible upgradation that could have happened to us. Right now the education we are used to is just to enhance the physical comfort. We want everything to happen in no time with least amount of effort & we are able to achieve a great deal by the good grace of the modern scientists. Someday this may happen where we will be existing just to eat sleep & reproduce. What next? May be one more planet we get to walk on. Nothing is satisfactory unless you get to the origin. We heard of various miraculous events performed by Swamiji. Those were no bookish knowledge other than absolute perception. Everything occurs in this universe is based on different forms of energy but the fundamentals remain the same. Suppose when a motorbike first invented it was an exhibition of energy proficiency which is a replica of our locomotion. Gradually other advantageous materials are added to ease up the driving a bit which is very similar to the process of ‘evolution ‘in the case human being.
                                                                                Thus education should act as a way of understanding our stand in this universe. We should have to focus on maintaining our survival process & comforts. But this should not be the end all & be all. This idea of ‘to learn something means one step ahead to earn something’ should be dismissed. Education will be an enjoyable process to perceive the universe & all its accessories to the utmost level. Exaggeration of earning livelihood is unnecessary. I admit the fact that there is still a section of people who are struggling to survive. Food is not easily accessible to them but we ourselves are responsible for this crisis. We must ensure the availability of mandatory essentials to everyone. Education should not be treated just as a mean to earn money. Needless to say that it is a very narrow minded approach towards it. Managing the external affairs is an expertise which we learn manually in the process of education in various ways. But there is another dimension of ourselves which is the real self, does not get any attention or education at all. So, we give more importance to outside phenomenon than the happenings of inside. In our experience there is nothing which could be termed as ‘perfect’ but there is an amazing cohesiveness among everything physical in this cosmos, happening in the lap of non-physical. You can call this perfectly perfect. To know the fundamental reality behind this occurrence other than intellectually interpreting it, you need the excellence of education what Swami Vivekananda might have meant.

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