Journey of life to the Divine


Monday, August 20, 2018


We people often find ourselves in a maze where there seems to be no way out. Our own deeds and the circumstances thrown at us by life itself are responsible for this. But it is not the dead end. You certainly have some freewill to harmonize the situation to a certain extent. One thing we must remember no matter whatever the situation is, possibility of flourishing as well as diminishing is always there. Our own attitude towards life does make a difference.

                                                                                From our childhood we are brought up in a certain social environment which impacts greatly to our desire and passion we have in our life. In our youth we desire for something, the fulfillment of which seems to be the magical event to solve all the problems in life. But the reality depicts quite a different picture. Whatever we do is just an approach to make the survival process little lubricated, as simple as that. There is momentary happiness in everything whatever we do but perpetual is nothing. The reason why you smile today, seems to be problematic tomorrow. Consistency is what we lack in. If someday you do not get anything to eat suddenly food gets the prime importance by overwhelming other aspects of life. But the moment you get it, you want something else to happen to you. So, there are innumerable desires which are not subjected to be fulfilled by any object. Having a distorted vision we are not able to see things properly the way they are. Some knowledge about something makes us proud sometimes. We are always in attempt to establish ourselves at the top by demolishing the rest. Our infatuation for the limited physical acts as an hindrance to perceive the limitless non-physical. After taking birth, gradually we become so much messed up that we forget to realize the reality of our life. Society, nation or whatever you are identified with take over the responsibility of driving you towards the world of oblivion where everything will be your earthly identity centric.

                                                                                 Gradually we realize that we are living on a planet to earn money, have some pleasure, reproduce and then die. Why life is such? We are socially trapped to that limit where we love the ignorance of our existence. We exist in a way as if we are immortal beings. Food should be the only requirement for sustenance but today you must feed your ego even before yourself otherwise you will fall dead. So the civilization impacted on our life immensely to a smoky and falsified direction other than all the scientific progresses and inventions. The inevitability of our mortality stupefies me sometimes. As a species we achieved things which seems to be miraculous from our perspective, still can’t deny death! Actually we don’t know what it is! Life and death look like poles apart but are they truly so? We do not take birth or die intentionally. Our achievements certify us to determine everything but did not happen yet. The two ultimate happenings in the name of birth and death turns out the time we spend in between to be a drama. While living here whatever we do is for the betterment of the world & the next generation to come. I still do not know why I should live! The world is definitely a beautiful place to spend some time. But do the activities we do hold any significance at all? Our entanglement with those aspects of life for no valid reason seems to be an idiotic expression of our limited perspective. If you begin to see the true self of life you will sense the existence of something beyond your imagination.

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