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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Who is 'I'


‘I’ suffers an existential crisis from the moment when human being became conscious about its wakefulness. There  are  manifold  complications  to locate  this ‘I’. Nowadays ‘I’ is enveloped with so many both tangible and intangible layers that It loses its physical existence before coming to consciousness. Without any awareness we go on uttering words like ‘my hand’, ’my memory’ but we don’t know where that ‘I’ (my) exists?
                                                                                Needless to say that there are many belief systems and religious organizations  which explain this  but satisfactory is nothing unless it happens experientially to someone.
The modern day and age is mainly brain centric. So, it very much looks like life happens from the brain which is not the case. The ‘I’ does  not die even if the brain dies. So,’ I’ does not exist inside the brain.
Life starts with the clash of a sperm and an egg. But life is not understood at that point. Gradually over a period of time (probably after 80 days of the conception) life begins to throb inside the accumulated mass . If we try to dissect this matter we see that the offspring gets share of everything from the parentage in the process of cell division. But the happening of life’s division is yet to be noticed. So where does a progeny get life from?
                                                                                The stories of ‘atma’ & ‘paramatma’ is understandable but not to be digested. No organ of an human body can claim itself to be the owner of ‘I’ because as long as the  respiratory process continues  it seems to be existing within the body but the moment breathing stops ‘I’ evaporates within a blink of an eye. Besides the transplantation of organs is possible in these days. This  is also a reason why the possibility of any organ being the source of ‘I’ could be dismissed.
   You can’t take oxygen or carbon-di- oxide to be the factors working behind it because these are the external facilities to facilitate the human body.

                                                                                                So, obviously there is something which our finite intellect can’t understand. Actually it can not perceive the origin of anything in this existence. Intellect just knows how everything work .So, it is beyond our cerebral capability to realize the origin of ‘I’. But at the same time we know so many things in this world and perform like the perfect. What it means is  that we  utilized everything that can be accessed without understanding the life itself. ’My property,’ my knowledge’, ’my belongings’ sounds real good in the presence of  life but when there is no life, there is neither ‘I’ nor ‘mine’. But if you see a child which is a fresh life,does not do anything, it just lives. But as it matures gradually the accessory like mind gets data from its circumstances and begins to act according to it. Then this distorted mind claims itself to be ‘I’.
                                                                                                So body is only an equipment  for the life or ‘I’ to express itself. Whatever we do here is earthly because we live here and play with the materials it offers. Suppose if we had been living somewhere else, we would have arranged ourselves according to that. Clearly life is just the reason you live. There is nothing else what you call life. Your physical body gives you the facility of having a ‘mind’ which acts as a storehouse of information. But to have the mind in working mode you need to have the access of life.So what you call ‘I’ or ‘Life’ is a sheer intelligence which runs across your body even inside a cell. If you want to know the origin of this while you living o this planet you have to go through certain process which is inconceivable to our intellect which mostly you rely on otherwise you have to wait till it exits from your body.


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