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Thursday, August 23, 2018


                      YOU FEEL; WHY ONLY FOR YOURSELF?

Men should not shed tears; we have this notion probably from time immemorial. But it has expired now and yet we have not changed our mindset. In the earlier days of human existence men had to do a lot of menial job which required mental as well as muscular strength. Apart from that life was just about surviving some way or the other .In that process a lot of bloodshed happened, caused by mainly masculine force. So, tears happened to be an impossible happening for them.

                                                                             But now things have changed dramatically. People are having feelings, they are getting emotional every now and then but only for themselves. So, only the direction needs to be adjusted. Unfortunately nowadays they are living in such a way it seems that they themselves and their family members are only the being living on this planet. This must be changed. From the very childhood, nurture your child in such a way that he/she will consider every living being as part of himself/herself. The feeling of unconditional love, sympathy, compassion and inclusion will definitely play the most significant role to alter the present circumstances. The unnecessary competition between people to have a higher status in society causes a lot of problem. The amnesia of mortality drives them to do nonsensical stuff which creates an unnecessary suffocative atmosphere. The idea of success is now to rise above someone who is already in the top. This leads to the misinterpretation of one’s true potential. Comparative idea of success leads to a total chaos.
                                                          As human beings we must do what is needed according to the situation or circumstances we belong. Fellow feeling is one of the most essential qualities of human beings. Our lack of perspective distinguishes us from collaborating each other. The self-centric idea of individuality must be cancelled in order to embrace the entire existence as a whole. Our intention of redesigning the world to be only human centric is one of the most detrimental among all. As for example, Your life is partially gifted by tress whom we intellectually consider to be a living being but our intelligence does not work while cutting it down ruthlessly without having a second thought because your sympathy or mercy demands reddened blood which you have experienced only and you don’t want to consider anything to be a life which is not homogeneous to that. You may be unconscious about it but your existence is definitely not your will. If the rest of the cosmos does not support you, your individuality will be as meaningless as a daydream. That you don’t hurt anything or anyone if the circumstances do not demand while you are awake, will make this world a better place to live in. if  The erection of this feeling will make people think hundred times before causing pain to someone else. Crimes will disappear when the criminals feel for the victims. This section of emotion must be promoted to be the driving force behind every commitment. Right now there is a serious clash between males and females regarding rights in various aspects of society. One is trying to dominate the other which results in disaster. But fundamentally these are two types of energy which should be working cooperatively in order to maximize their potential. Within Every living being the masculine and feminine energy should function in right proportion. Right now the boastful physical pleasure ridden masculine is getting the better of the feminine. And the females are trying to imitate the males to solidify their existence.  These will end up in disaster without a doubt. Tears should  not be a shameful expression rather a possibility of rejuvenating like the Phoenix.

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