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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

'Boredom'! Eliminate this word from a child's life

It is not very recent when the human species came to existence for the first time in this universe. Most probably it was thousand years back when they got this well organized form with an active consciousness in the process of evolution. But till now the 'struggle for survival' is on.Is there truly any significant happening happened to human being other than the amazing scientific inventions which undoubtedly deserve applauds!Truth to be told I could not find anything. The level of physical comfort is enhanced beyond imagination but the inner self is suffering more than ever before.Why is so? It is expected that every aspect of life will be  flourished to their paramount potential having so many scientific advancement.It seems technology to be a curse rather than a bliss because of  our own ignorance.Depression, despondency, anxiety;these words are very well known to everyone as they are experienced mostly by us.Even a 10-12 years kid feels desolated and boredom which is inconceivable by any stretch of imagination.

                                                     A child is a fresh life.In its childhood it should savour the state of being amateur.But what happens now is that they try to get informed from a very early age about everything which there cerebral status does not permit.This results in disaster.Having the access to every information through internet or any other medium,they are gradually lose their interest of living a life being accustomed to everything on a intellectual level.The human mechanism is such where anything we met before does not make us inquisitive anymore to look at.They think that there are no substantial reason to live for as nothing is left to be tasted. A child is a life which is very new to this world.It should spend some time in the lap of nature where is originate from. We still say someone to stay in contact when he/she feels off or depressed.We know that nature offers us the best possible living platform we could ever have but we are totally unconscious about it.

                                                       Certainly technology is the supreme occurrence in this existence so far for human being. But we do not use the technological gadgets consciously so does a child. We should use it with utmost alertness. It must be used as per your need.You should not succumbed to its bewitching potential to make you victimized and thereby making it an act of compulsiveness.Therefore as parents you should be cautious about your children's obsession about those.They are too sensitive not to feel arrogant having the availability of everything so easily.This can ruin a life as arrogance and hubristic nature destroy the childish treasure.Life should happen in the right sequence only then it finds fulfillment.

                                                   Sometimes I feel ourselves to be too much intellect oriented to have the tranquil state of mind.A fool or a naive laughs way louder than an academically qualified person.So what is its use if intellect can't provide you a quality life! I think the problem is with us and not with the intellect.we can not manage ourselves anymore.Our logical mind is baffling  us by redirecting to a grave situation where we will be putting a long face irrespective of the situation.That time is not too far when smile will be a rare happening for human being.So, we must be aware enough to nurture our children in such a way where they will be affluent and joyful by their own nature.No stimulus will be needed to put a smile in their face.Natural opulence should give more importance than the artificiality of the modern world to exhibit the intrinsic genius exists within themselves and make the world a better place to live.


  1. If you were a scented candle they'd call it Perfectly Imperfect.
    There's ordinary, and then there's you.