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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Dear Expectation!

Everything dies but she survives,
Gives you temptation to live many lives.
Drenched its venom in the time you can't remember,
Adulterates every drop of nectar,you eat to live your sphere.
You bleed and cry because of none but her,
Inevitable it is that you are a prey to suffer.

But only she is not a subject to condemnation,
You yourself wished for your eternal damnation.
It is not that she caused you only pain,
Offered everything you have is not a matter to disdain.
It is your greed that made her malign,
Your goodness can redirect her to the divine.


  1. Poetry is the best way to express your thoughts. Within a limited sphere you have the opportunity to express limitless emotions. And yours is appropriate in this way.