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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Death: The Most Awaiting Lover

Inevitable you are,in thy very nature,
Given respite from,when life becomes a torture!
You begin to live from the moment I landed up,
And wait for me till the last sip of my stirrup cup.
So many times I cried and prayed you to arrive,
The perfectionist you are,allowed me to survive.
But not for ever,only few more years,
Embracing you,I smile at the life,leaving behind my dears!

Still I bow down to your endless patience,
You wait for my love exemplifying your endurance!
Those beings claim to be the supreme of creation,
Can't wait even for a day and succumb to their sensual passion.
I will be dying to meet you on numerous occasion,
Only to fall in love embracing life's coronation.


  1. In love with this "Title " well done!!

  2. You conveyed your thought of death in a very impressive way. I should say your poetic skill is progressing day after day. keep it up.