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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Is it you or your Ego?

'Ego',this is probably the most discussed word in terms of finding the reason behind disturbance in life. Everyone says to let it go but neither they themselves nor we ourselves could do it.

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What you call 'ego' is nothing but your exaggerated self. In your childhood days you kept yourself busy and happy even with a little stick or things of that sort which appear to be unimportant.You did not have any issue whatsoever other than timely nutritional food which is adequate in terms of its availability in the modern day and age. But there is hardly anything that could make you smile fully. Yes, there are certain cases when you are able to belittle others,you tend to smile wholeheartedly. So, what causes this metamorphosis from childhood to maturity! You as a life remain the same, just your physical texture develops in tune with nature but your mind seems to be adulterated in every possible way where you barely can claim yourself as an happy being. As for instance of our cluttered mind, we see sometimes we keep on arguing with others in spite of being aware of ourselves being wrong, only to protect the established social image which we claim to be the life energy from social perspective. We have great problem to admit our ignorance or wrongdoing which may afflict our social identity in public.This is why we go on nurturing our 'ego' by cluttering the sanctity of our true self.

                                                                           When someone asks you ''who you are?''; you answer them on the basis of your respectable profession or the status you hold in the society avoiding your existential reality .i.e. an human being full of possibility.I am not saying this is wrong because the person asked you the question expects the same answer you give. But if you entangle yourself with your social identity, you will try to protect it no matter what happens around you. 'Identity' or 'ego' is something which can not exist without your assistance. The more you try to identify yourself with something the worst it get for you to live just as a life. So,it is better that you look at those aspects of life which you feel so much engrossed about. You are in some profession,community or religion whatever , you do those things only to keep your survival process on or to make it better for yourself and others.This is it. If you look at it with probing eyes you see that whatever you contribute in those limited span of 30-40 years is minuscule or near to no importance to this vast existence.You definitely made someone else's life smoother to walk on but it does not mean that you will be intertwined with this social identity. your social impression should not overwhelm your real self.

                                                                  Suppose you are nothing, you do not have any relation to make connection with or any community to be identified with; you are just a life.Then you will find yourself happier than ever. This is what happens with the rest of the creatures who do not have any consciousness at all. They become satisfied when there physical appetite gets fulfilled. The problem with human being is that they have an active consciousness which do not like any limitation. Only feeding thyself will not be soothing for it. When you find stomach empty you have only one problem and stomach full, you have hundred problems.However in pursuit of boundlessness human consciousness trapped itself in the social enigma.  

                                                                  So, you better understand it with utmost clarity. When you hold some respectable position in the society and treat your social inferiors as inferior lives, you take the trouble of entangling yourself in the social drama. This entanglement constipates your expression of life. It suffocates you to death. The child that it used to be in the earlier days of your existence behaves like a brute just to protect the social identity.

                                                         You are here for a limited period of time. So, the awareness of mortality should bring tears in your eyes and make you inclusive where you take every single life as a part of yourself because you don not know where it originates from and where it ends! It is expected to utilize this limited span to you full potential. It is good that you become part of every happening, forget your social identity,enjoy the immensity and boundless possibility of being human and above all ensure the demise of self centered egoistic perspective of life.

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