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Friday, September 7, 2018

Fear of suffering: A reason why you are still living a life of a mediocre

This is quite true that we love to stay inside the boundaries of our comfort zone as much as we can and we gradually become skeptical and fearful about the possibilities beyond. This is what makes the difference of standard of living, we see in the mundane world. Yes, there are lives which suffer enormously from the day they land up in this freaking world. But those who in spite of having all the facilities in the world do not come up with an exploratory mind, chooses to live a life of leisure. This is where the inevitable question regarding ‘purpose of life’ comes. Truly there is no idealistic way of living till now. You must do what is to be needed in the given situation. I know there are many people who have the necessary urge to do what is necessary for the world they live in but in most of the cases either they become frightened of the consequences or the circumstances go adverse. If you make an attempt and work towards it with full attention and involvement then there is less chance of you being a failure. As for instance if you see Hitlar was successful for no virtuous reason but he had the zeal and participated actively to fructify whatever intention he had.
                                                                                                                ‘The fear of death is more fearful than the death itself’-this is what mostly happens with us. We fall dead so many times because of our psychological complexities before we finally get to it. We must overcome this fanciful enigmatic drama we create by ourselves. I know all of you had a turning point in your life where if you had done the reverse of what you actually did, things could have been phenomenal for you but you did not have the necessary gut to take the risk. You succumbed to the fear of suffering and chose the limited and constipated possibility of life to make sure the minimal requirement of living a life. The greats of past and present did the reverse to reach that height where sky is the only limit. You can think of those people who invested their entire life to become free from the slavery of others. You may call them patriotic but it is just a word to describe their passion. If you dig deep down and compare yourself with them tears will dribble down from your eyes and probably and hopefully you will rise up to direct yourself towards larger possibility of life.
                                                                                                                I know these are easy to say but difficult to do. But you see that the world is economically in a better state than ever before. Still there are some places where food is a matter of concern but majority of the areas are well developed and growing gradually to address every problem they have. Now it is the responsibility of every human being on this planet to break the barrier of comforts and strive towards larger vision surpassing the tiny little personal ambition. It is true that whenever the word ‘achievement’ comes into discussion, the ever-contradictory ‘self’ comes first. This is undeniable that ‘self’ is the most important than anything else. But if you consider your achievement in terms of providing a better life to the rest as a success then you should not hold yourself back. Someday if you see that because of your contribution people are living a happy and a healthy life, you will certainly cry out of utmost joy. This would not be the same even if you accumulate enormous wealth and turn money to be an uncountable object.
                                                                                                                Even if you try to fulfill your individual goal, you must not restrain yourself to the limited possible happenings. Initially everything may seem going against but if you are determined with absolute clarity of what you are pursuing at then it will not take too much time to alter the situation in your favour. Just beware of mortality and explore every possibility.