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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Infinity:you will be crying if you understand

My name is something & I am the owner of this that & various other things. What it means? You have accumulated a lot of stuff around the identity, the society once offered you. If you ever close your eyes to think who you are in this endless cosmos, you will be laughing at yourself. Your comparative social existence overwhelms your real self. Without understanding anything we are prompted to earn a living. If it was just about a living it would have been alright but you yearn for endless. Basically you want to see yourself at the top owning everything & bossing over others. But it is true that even if you go that far your desire will not be fulfilled. Your intellectual ability to differentiate you & the other stimulates you to move ahead of the rest. You take ‘the amount of money’ to be the determinant of success because people before you have already walked on that path. But if you are confused about yourself & don’t realize the true reason of living here on that physical wealth ridden path, you should take the trouble of going a bit deeper.
                                                                                                                Though you might have the knowledge of every technological happening in the world made by human being, yet you are ignorant about the nature of your own existence. You keep yourself busy gathering billions and die in the process without any consciousness. Whatever is going on today by the process of evolution is undoubtedly fantastic. This generation is probably having the most physical comfort ever. But we can’t say that we are the happier than our ancestors. Problems kept growing with accessories around us. The phenomena happen to us must leave us in wonder. Life seems to go around in a pattern for everyone. We always feel something to be happening without our own intention. Why is so! We believe some philosophy or ideology without making an attempt to know the reality behind it. It always surprised me that people dive into so many complexities in their life for materials but do not make even an halfhearted attempt to know the fundamental reality.
                                                                                                                                Definite is the physical existence & infinite is the cosmos. So many theories we have read regarding energy being inexhaustible without understanding to its core. We say something is destroyed but in reality nothing happens like that. The infinite cosmos holds it. Everything exists within that nothing is beyond. Planets, galaxies sometimes mesmerized us but there is endless non physical which is darkness does not bother us that much because our limited potential to see only those things which prevents light. With this limitation we begin to feel the existence to be anthropocentric which is quite nonsensical. Light is the hallucination, darkness is the truth.
                                                                                I often come across this question that why we should know the real self? Is it necessary? I would not say that it is mandatory but if you feel that your life is something more than what you think then we must know it fully. We often use the word ‘fortune’ or ‘luck’ without knowing it. But is it not normal to know what makes someone else luckier than you? Just believing will give you a comfortable sleep but your life will be more enigmatic. You being the owner of the world for a limited period of time are way lesser than having the perception of life itself. Once you know life you will automatically know the mystery of birth, death. If you become free from the dark shadow of this cycle then you will be living like no one else. I think the great yogis like Gautam Budhha, Ramakrishna paramhansa  were not fool . If knowing life is that nonsensical then they would not have invested their whole life behind a vacant idea in spite of having all the luxuries in the world available to them. We are in a state of mind where we think ourselves to be the perfect and the rest is utter nonsense. Where our logic does not work, we tend to make a fun of those being ignorant of the limited possibility of logical mind. We should take into consideration everything .We have already paid a lot of attention to improve the external affairs & we are succeeded in a great way & it is time to focus on the inner self to explore the limitless possibility that it holds. Hope someday our life finds a new dimension of existence which is boundless and infinite.


  1. You have a good head on your shoulders.
    Has anyone ever told you that...😁😁