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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Life,How mystical you are!-A Beggar

 Why are you a billionaire by birth?
When I exist, striving for food, deprived of any mirth!
I don’t know what comes tomorrow,
Why the world seems to laugh at my sorrow?
What have you done to earn the golden spoon in your mouth?
Even an iron would have been good to exhibit myself as couth!
You call me jealous? Truly I am not what you think,
Torment of suffering does not allow me to have even a blink,
To dream myself inside the mansion you live!
Even I can’t think of when I’m awake and alive.
They say your life is your own making!
Then why I was born a beggar and you as a king?
Tell me the divine act you have done to land in thy palace,
May I be closing my eyes dying with a solace!
Nothing I want, only the mysteries of life to unveil,
Is there anything beyond what seems to be real?


  1. When you make up your mind about something, nothing stands in your way.