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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

youth and truth- Unplug with Sadhguru

Youth and Truth is probably the most burning activity going around the world. It is a kind of rejuvenation for the lively young generation. Our youths got questions of numerous types which remained unanswered till now. But Sadhguru who is an emblem of the TRUTH opened up a new corridor of enlightenment. He is a person with stoned eyes stunned the world by his sheer intelligence in every sphere of life. No appreciation is good enough to describe him other than bowing down in front of him.Coming to the point,our youth power needs to be redirected right now. The enthusiasm they got should manifest itself fully. In the modern day and age they waste the most significant part of their life in frolicking activities which result in frustration. The collapse of heaven arranged by previous few religious generations leads the youth in a state of bewilderment. No heaven or hell means no fear of consequence to a certain extent. When there is no sense of morality or fear of outcome the human mind by its own instinct chooses the evil means to satisfy its own need. That is why the youth should actively participate in this ongoing firework to have the clarity about their own life.

                                                                             When you have 360 degree view of your own life it would find its fullest expression avoiding any constipation. If you have a blurred vision and no perception then automatically accidents take place. So to have the lucidity and make the world a beautiful place to live we must expand our intelligence towards the ultimate truth of the existence.

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