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Saturday, February 16, 2019

A Dying Jawan With A Living Dream

 ''A Dying Jawan With A Living Dream''

I know this to be the very end,
End of a life that has never learnt to bend!
Dreamt so many dreams you also cherish,
Threw my life into it,not to have any blemish.
I do not want you to cry after I leave my last breath,
I fear it may cool down your burning wrath!

You talk about a utopian world of utmost equanimity!
Same I had before they killed me with barbarous brutality.
Still we can't come out of the cocoon of self identity,
where everyone will be living by embracing fraternity!
Till then it's better be an act of ruthless aggression.
just to keep us alive as a nation!

My hovering dreams would be out in the border,
to protect yours not a subject to smother!
They say we born to die for our nation.
Feels proud even after the bullets offer its sensation!
I die with no remorse saving you from the external,
Living the dream of you being undivided in internal!

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